Expert surveillance:
  •Cheating spouse
  •Child custody
  •Injury fraud
  •workers comp.
  •Insurance fraud


 Litigation support:

 Fraud investigation:

 Background checks:

Private Investigator in Dallas and Fort Worth Tx licensed to work all over Texas

Surveillance Investigations
  We use the latest technology in surveillance investigations. We specialize in video recording to make sure our clients have the video evidence they need. Whether it is a cheating spouse, child custody or insurance fraud we use state of the art surveillance equipment to provide the evidence the client needs.

Experienced Professionals
  Our experienced Private Investigators are highly trained professionals. Our extensive affiliation and with other Texas, U.S. and International Private Investigation Agencies makes us the perfect choice for all your Investigative and Executive Protection needs not only in Texas, but anywhere.

Not Your Typical Agency
  The difference at Hewitt & Cowden is the individual attention given to every case by a staff of highly trained professionals.  Hewitt & Cowden is a Private Investigations Agency dedicated to providing quality and ethical services to our clients.  Owned and operated by Steve Tapper, TPLI, and Karen Hewitt, TCI. Hewitt & Cowden Investigations has been licensed since 1992.

How A Private Investigator Works
  We work for businesses, attorneys, or private citizens, and is required by Texas law to be insured and licensed by the Texas Private Security Bureau, a division of Texas Department of Public Safety.  As private investigators, our primary job is to protect our clients and properly gather information or evidence needed.   Hewitt & Cowden will use a variety of techniques to complete our assignment, which includes but is not limited to surveillance, records research, evidence gathering and witness interviews.   We have associates who are experts in every investigative specialty.  We also offer a wide range of additional services such as risk assessment, personal protection officers, civil process, and expert testimony to meet all of our client’s needs.

How Investigations Are Conducted
  The exact services, tools, and investigative techniques we use depend on the specifics of your case. In general, our investigative process will include the following components:

     1. Discuss and evaluate client’s issues and needs.
     2. Develop an investigation plan, budget, and timeline.
     3. Conduct the investigation, documenting and gathering evidence according court rules.
     4. Analyze evidence and report findings to client.

How to Choose a Private Investigator
  You will be entrusting this person with personal information, and you often depend on the Private Investigator to obtain information for you that could not be found by any other source.  In many instances our work will determine the direction of your life. Your decision on who to choose should not be based on cost alone.  Although a factor, the price for services will depend on the services you need, the type of information that must be collected, and ultimately the time involved to conduct the investigation.  Overall, you will find that reputable and ethical agencies’ prices will fall within the same price range. Factors that you should use to determine which agency you will hire include:

     1. State licensing and insurance requirements
     2. Years in business
     3. Education and experience with your type of case
     4. Education and experience of the investigator assigned to your case
     5. Communication skills and personal rapport with the investigator
     6. Professional appearance of the investigator
     7. Strategy and service options available
     8. Contract terms